General person, teeth owner, beard operator.

I do code things. Also I write, and this one time someone published something I wrote, and that was good.

I am not, however, a designer. Hence this site.


SoundCloud Berlin

Engineer working on Creator features in the SoundCloud iOS app.

Clue Berlin

Engineer on the Clue iOS application. Built a pretty sweet backend-driven UI thing.

CodeClan Edinburgh

Senior Software Engineering Instructor. Taught Ruby, JavaScript and Java w/ a focus on engineering best practices.

FanDuel Edinburgh

Software Engineer. Worked on the Webby Award winning iOS app.

Tesco Bank Edinburgh

Software Engineer. Worked on Tesco Drive+Reward, which no longer exists. Probably a smart move, tbh.

See my LinkedIn page for more.


Sometimes I write things. My story The Swan was published in The City Quill's second issue.

In 2014 I won the Lewis Edwards Memorial Prize at the University of Edinburgh, which was nice.


I'm a stand-up comedian. I think I'm pretty funny. Your opinion may differ.


You can contact me at: